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How to Co-parent Without Saying a Word

In a perfect world, we sign the divorce papers, shake our ex-spouses hand and walk out of the court house discussing the weekend and how we are going to share all the responsibilities and who is going to carpool which child to which event. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect life, and communication breakdown in a co-parenting relationship is an all too common issue and problem, and sometimes, one that no matter what you do, just can’t be overcome.
Fortunately, in the age of digital technology, there are ways to get avoid the face to face fighting that can accompany a now divorced couple that can’t get along.
5 Ways to Co-Parent without Saying a Word:
  • 1. Email. 
    Email can be effective to get your point across, just be careful in how you word things, because sometimes the written word can be taken wrong. There are several great things about emails.  First is the rewrite, so if you are angry, you have a chance to rewrite before you hit send.  Second is the copy feature, so you always have proof that you told your ex what was going on and third is the blind copy so you if you need be you can blind copy your attorney.

  • 2. Text.
    Text works well if you have an ex that responds and is phone friendly. Most of us live with our phones nearby, so if your ex is like the rest of the world, then send a text message, but keep it short, because the longer the text, the choppier they come across and the harder they are to read. If you have more to say, go back to the email.

  • 3. Skype.
    Skype doesn’t have to be used with video. It can be used just like a text system, and it works well if you are at work and sitting at your computer and your ex has it at their office computer and you know they have it on.  The great thing about Skype is that if they are in your contact list, you know if they are on Skype, so if you have a message for them, you can get it delivered and you know they got it.

  • 4. Twitter.
    Always a standby, but if you can say it in a private tweet in 140 characters or less, why not?

  • 5. Facebook.
    I wouldn’t recommend this one, unless you send a private message, in other words, don’t put a personal message on the wall for the world to see, but it can still be a good vehicle to use if you are still friends on Facebook and you haven’t been cut off there yet.
Take advantage of tools that are made with co-parents in mind. Technology can offer ways for parents to connect and keep the peace, leaving kids out of the communications all together. 
How do you co-parent without saying a word? Do you have any ideas that we haven’t touched on? Let us know!


Lee Block has a double Masters Degree in divorce from the University of Been There and Done That and when she isn’t she isn’t living divorce, she is living with a bi-coastal third husband, 2 rowdy kids, one very large dog and a chronic migraine. Lee is a certified professional divorce and life coach, blogger at The Post-Divorce Chronicles, a well-known author and a nationally known expert from her appearances on television and radio talk shows. Lee works with individuals, attorneys, mediators and families to help navigate the process of life after divorce.  She loves to twitter @LeeBlock and Facebook, so go and connect with her!