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How I survive school vacations as a co-parent

Vacations when you are a single parent are suddenly not quite so simple, relaxing, or easy.

Sure, we have an agreement that we will switch school vacations - rotate them so that we have equal time with the kids on their time off. I had visions of Disneyworld and beach vacations dancing in my head. This seemed like a brilliant arrangement at the time.

We literally have never followed that schedule.

Work gets in the way, the kids schedules get to be a bit crazy, or whatever the excuse is. We always seem to end up splitting the week between us - figuring it out day to day. I take a few days for work and a few days to do something fun with the kids, not necessarily in such an organized fashion.

I love that we keep our parenting schedule flexible, but is this one of those agreements that we should be sticking to, for all of those reasons we created it to begin with? Should we making the effort to provide that consistency for the kids? I said this last year, but I swear next year I'll plan on bringing the kids somewhere cool, maybe for February vacation, then maybe even in April I'll go somewhere tropical while the kids are with dad. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

Maybe, maybe not. 

The truth is, this is what works for us right now. This is how we survive these crazy school vacations post-divorce. For now, this is how our family works. Right now, this is what is good for the kids as well - equal time with both of us, even if it's just hanging out at home.

So, how do you handle school vacations, summers, and long holiday weekends? Do you plan it on the fly or create family traditions by doing the same thing every year? Do you have quiet time at home or go on fun-filled vacations? Do you keep to a parenting plan or just figure out what works at the time?