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Track family expenses and payments


Wow, kids can be expensive! Keeping track of family finances is always a challenge, but for coparents it can be downright messy. That why having a place to track your parenting expenses and payments is so important to your coparenting family. Finally, you have an easy-to-use system that can keep you and you coparent informed of your family finances, right at your fingertips.

With your family Finance page, you can...

  • Track all of your shared expenses before they pile up
  • See a ledger of your expenses and payments, even see a total of which coparent owes the other and how much
  • Pay expenses online, or mark payments as being paid by another method
  • Keep coparenting expenses in one central, secure place. You can even export your finances to a CSV file
  • Enter shared expenses in any split between coparents - 50/50, 75/25, 60/40 - whatever you and coparent decide, we make splitting expenses easy and flexible
  • Categorize expenses by school, activities, medical, and more


Save time + stress with features designed just for co-parents!