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Store important medical information


Because your kids health comes first, we make it simple for you to store and organize all of your medical contacts, insurance providers, and medications. No need to worry if you need to call the school nurse, or you can't find your insurance card, we keep it all in one place so you and your coparent can access this vital information as soon as possible.

Keep vital medical information at hand...

  • Medical contacts are kept in one place, including doctors, dentists, hospitals and specialists - so you and your coparent can access them easily, when you need them
  • Store prescription information for each child, as well as private medications – add details such as dosage and timing of administration for each medication
  • Keep all of your insurance providers in one database - medical, dental, life, disability – there can be a lot of insurance information to keep track of, we make it simple to organize and access


Save time + stress with features designed just for co-parents!