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Shared Calendar

Family chaos made simple again


Two household families can have a lot going on, from school activities to sports to step family schedules, plus moms and dads have busy lives as well. Having a shared family calendar is great solution to keeping busy parents on the same page, so instead of trying to find out what time the soccer game starts, you can spend more time enjoying it!

On your shared family calendar, you can…

  • See your parenting schedule at a glance, with color coded days for mom's house and dad's house
  • Track events in both households, or add one just at mom's or dad's house
  • Keep private events on your calendar that your coparent can't view
  • Create events in color-coded categories such as school, family, medical, and more
  • Have the option to keep regular routines in a separate list, so you don't have to have bedtimes and soccer practice on your calendar every week


Save time + stress with features designed just for co-parents!