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Memorable photos and important documents – all in one secure place


It's a good idea to have one secure place to store vital family documents. Sharing makes it easy – no more searching through junk drawers or emails to find the most recent information that you need. By keeping them in one safe place, you can assure that you and your coparent have the most current documents at hand. But sharing isn't all business, you can also post photos and memorabilia from the kids. So, if you can't make it to the next recital, mom or dad can post a photo of your little ballerina on her big night.

Sharing is easy…

  • Post files of important family documents such as parenting plans, insurance policies and cards, even wills and trusts
  • When you share family documents, you can rest assured that you and your coparent are kept up-to-date with the most recent vital information
  • Sharing can be fun! Post photos of memorable moments in your kids lives, that way coparents don't miss big moments


Save time + stress with features designed just for co-parents!