Frequently Asked Questions


Can I split the cost of a premium membership with my coparent? 
Absolutely! Just enter the membership payment as an expense in the Finances section. You can even adjust the split of the expense - 50/50, 70/30, or whatever works for your family.
What happens if I cancel my premium membership?
You will still be able to maintain a free membership, but you will lose some of your data beyond what is included with the free services. For example, if you have 20 contacts, after you change your membership to Free, they will be reduced down to the first 10 in your database. However, if you decide later to reinstate your Premium mebership, your old contacts will still be stored and you will be able to get them back.
All other aspects of your account will remain intact. See Membership Options to find out which features are limited and which are included with the Free package. 
Can I ask one of the experts a question?
We would love to hear your questions. Coparenting can certainly be a challenge, but we have a team of Experts that are here to help you. 
Can my coparent see my private entries or contacts?
Any entry marked as private is viewable only by you, your coparent cannot see them. 
Do I have a contract with my subscription? 
Premium subscriptions are billed month-to-month, and may be cancelled at any time. You can manage your subscription in your Account page, in the section called Our Two Homes.
How can I enter a support payment in Finances?
It's easy! Just enter the support amount as an expense owed to the recipient. Then the coparent who is paying the support can either pay online or enter a payment made by using the Make a Payment button on the Finance page.
Have a question you'd like to ask the Two Happy Homes team? Email us at support@twohappyhomes.com.